American Sportsman Network

The American Sportsman Network (ASN)  was founded by Chris Edwards, owner of Big Red Outdoors, a hunting club that was created in 2009 with the help of his wife. Their goal was to provide access to quality private land for hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities that would otherwise not be available. Chris is a lifelong outdoor sportsman and long ago realized that the best hunting and fishing is found on private land.

While building his club, which consists of thousands of acres of private hunting land (and growing), he has also developed the ASN to connect club owners with sportsmen across the entire country. This is accomplished through an online reservation system that allows any club, big or small, to offer their membersthe opportunity to hunt, fish and camp in their own backyard. In addition, they have the ablility to travel the country to hunt any species available through a simple click of the mouse!

ASN offers internet based services to help club owners maximize their business. Through services such as our online reservation system and Club Management Consulting services from Chris himself; club owners enjoy the ease of managing their business and the ability to provide extended services to its members from reservations to guided hunts and lodging.

ASN knows that all hunting clubs are always looking for ways to grow their membership base so give Chris a call at 402-693-2460 to see how your club can benefit from using the services offered by the ASN and begin growing your membership base immediately!